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Do Sugar Gliders Pee and Poop Everywhere?

Sugar Gliders are often even referred to as pocket pets, which even sounds cute. Sugar Gliders are exotic in every sense of the word, with those sweet eyes and unique ability to glide, and the promises of an unbreakable bond, they are too much for one to resist! Okay, so you have seen these adorable animals for sale, but you have heard they can be messy. So you may be wondering, do Sugar Gliders pee and poop everywhere? Is this true?

It’s not surprising that people are fascinated by Sugar Gliders, I mean, who wouldn’t be? Sugar Gliders are some of the cutest little animals we can have as pets. They are sweet creatures that are so easy to love, but let’s learn a little bit about their potty habits.

Do Sugar Gliders pee and poop everywhere?

Sugar Gliders do tend to poop and pee a lot, usually right after they wake up, or of course, if they’ve been eating. They will relieve themselves like any animal whenever they feel the urge. If that’s on you or your floor, they are not going to understand that’s not what you want. Sugar Gliders do have habits you can pay attention to and learn.

For instance, you’ll notice they don’t like to poop or pee where they sleep, and they’ll relieve themselves usually right after they wake up. So, what does this mean, and how can this information help you?

Can Sugar Gliders be potty-trained?

There is a lot of debate around this topic. I believe the confusion lies in the understanding. A Sugar Glider can be potty trained but not in the same way a cat can. You can not put litter in their cage or set them up a special spot for them to go in.

They will not understand what you’re expecting of them, but they can, or rather, you can learn their potty habits and create a routine that will stop you from being pottied on at least as much. It is sort of like potty-training but more for you than them.

As we have mentioned, Sugar Gliders do not potty where they sleep. Like people and most animals Sugar Gliders will potty once they wake up. There are a few things you can do here,

  • You can either leave them in their cage for approximately half an hour ensuring they get most of their business done and out of the way, leaving you free to get them out with little to no accidents for a while unless you feed or give them more to drink.
  • Or you can set-up a routine with your little guy or girl the moment you bring them home. When you get them out for a bonding session, you can set aside time right in the beginning to stimulate their bowels. You will do this by gently wiping its rear end with a baby wipe. Doing this will stimulate their bowels, and they will start to go if they were not already. They will continue to relieve themselves for a couple of mins. Then you will let them run around on you for a few minutes to help stimulate their digestive tract farther, they will relieve themselves a little more, and at the very end, you will wipe them a few more times, leaving them empty or very close to empty. You can now go about your bonding session or day without the worry of accidents.
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Can Sugar Gliders wear diapers?

If you are looking for a pet that’s mess-free, you might want to try a different pet, Sugar Gliders being an exotic animal are not the easiest pets. You will need to be okay with a little poop, pee, and spending a great deal of time with them.

With that said, Sugar Gliders should not wear diapers. Yes, they do sell them, but it’s dangerous. Wearing a diaper can cause damage to their patagium, their gliding membranes. This can be extremely dangerous and frankly not worth the risk.

If you watch the videos of gliders in diapers, you’ll see they can jump small spaces, that’s a big difference between gliding and from further distances and jumping.

Sugar Gliders are very fragile. You have to be careful with what you do with them. Because they are exotic pets, you have to be especially vigilant because the misinformation surrounding them is great, this can cause a lot of unnecessary harm and heartache. They are so new to being pets we still don’t understand everything about them, so be careful and do plenty of research.

Do Sugar Gliders warn you that they are getting ready to potty?

Sugar Gliders can not let you know when they need to relieve themselves the same way other animals would, So it is up to us to pay close attention and learn their habits. You may want to let your Sugar Glider sit in your pocket all day, You have done the above steps, but you notice they are starting to stir, that is most likely a sign of them waking up for a potty break.

Since you now know this, you can get them out and let them relieve themselves and be prepared to clean it up rather than it being random or an inopportune timing. It is a good idea to keep wipes on hand. Sugar Glider poop is rather small, like a mouse’s poop, and easy to clean up. They pee in such small amounts, it is also really easy to clean up.

You now know you’ll need to pay attention to the warning signs your Sugar Glider will give so you can save yourself any accidents, but you have heard of Sugar Glider diapers, wouldn’t this be an easier and more suitable solution?

Are Sugar Gliders messy?

Sugar Gliders are not particularly messy, they don’t need baths, they will self-clean, but they are in a cage with only so many places for their food, pee, and poo to go, and they do want everything to smell like them!

Sugar Gliders do pee and poop a relative amount, drop food to the bottom of the cage, and they like to mark their territory. You will need to clean their cage regularly, but when paying attention to their habits, you can prevent as many accidents outside their cage from happening.

Why does my Sugar Glider pee on me?

Just like many animals in the animal kingdom, Sugar Gliders, both male and female, will mark their territory. When they pee on you, they are basically saying you are their territory. Their smell on you will help them feel comfortable and familiar. Think of it as a compliment!

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Do Sugar Gliders throw their Poop?

No, this is one thing you don’t need to worry about, Sugar Gliders do not throw their poop.


Sugar Gliders are remarkable little creatures, a true treasure, but they are living, and all living things poo and pee, so if this bothers you, you might want to find a different pet that doesn’t need to relieve themselves as often or can be potty-trained in the traditional sense. Some pets are not for everyone. Sugar Gliders are exotic, and they will need a bit more love and understanding than other pets.

Sugar Gliders are a very fulfilling pet, bonding to you the way most animals do not. If you are prepared and accepting of their habits and behaviors, they can make pleasant pets, and you one happy pet owner!