Meet Our Experts

Hey there, fellow wildlife enthusiasts! We’re happy to introduce you to just a few of the people who make up our team of wildlife experts here on Wildlife Informer. These folks come from all walks of life, have top-notch educations and experience, and share a love for animals and nature. 

Having experts contribute to our site is very important to us because it ensures you get accurate, reliable, and interesting information about the awesome world of wildlife. 

With that said, let’s learn a little about each one of these amazing people and find out what type of animals or wildlife they’re specialized in!

Meet a few of our wildlife experts

Samantha Smith

  • Extensive research in the field studying animal behavior

Samantha is a wildlife biologist with a masters degree in environmental biology and years of experience in the field. Most of her work has been with reptiles, however she has also worked with birds and marine organisms as well.

She enjoys hiking, snorkeling, and looking for wildlife in her free time. When she isn’t working or doing these things, she writes about wildlife. 


Anna Lad


Education and expertise

  • Graduated from Texas A&M University
  • BS in Wildlife & Fish
  • MS in Scientific Journalism

Anna is a wildlife biologist and science editor who’s passionate about outdoor education, helping scientists convey their ideas, and getting people excited about nature. 

The experiences Anna has had handling wildlife species such as small mammals, reptiles, and salamanders help her authentically convey facts and insights about the world’s diverse species.

She has mapped endangered butterflies on the Big Sur coast, photographed sea turtles in the Galápagos Islands, and taken care of an ostrich. Nature photography, especially of hummingbirds, is another one of her pursuits. 

Anna edits dissertations and scientific papers for scientists in the biological sciences. It’s her job to make things understandable to a wide audience of people. 

When she’s not writing or editing content about animals and wildlife, Anna is probably rock climbing, looking up bird calls, or working on her most recent quilting project.