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7 Animals That Drink a Lot of Water (Pictures)

All animals rely on a supply of fresh, clean water in order to survive and thrive. Some animals have adapted to drinking large amounts of water each day in order to meet their hydration needs. Whether they live in dry or wet climates, animals that drink a lot of water are among some of the most intriguing animals on the planet.

7 Animals That Drink a Lot of Water

There are countless animals that drink a lot of water, each with its own unique adaptations and behaviors. Whether you’re observing animals in the wild or studying them in a lab, understanding their complex relationship with water is key to understanding how animals have evolved over time and the role they play in their ecosystem.

1. Camels

Dromedary Camels
Dromedary Camels | image by Wolfgang_Hasselmann via Pixabay

Camels are built to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, thanks to their large, flat feet that help them walk across the desert without sinking into the sand. They also have two rows of long eyelashes that help protect their eyes from the harsh desert sun.

Additionally, camels have adapted to store extra water in their humps, allowing them to go for long periods without drinking. When they do drink water, they tend to drink large amounts all at once, which allows them to stay hydrated for longer periods of time.

2. Horses

Horses also have adaptations that point to why they drink so much water. First, their large body size means that they need to consume a lot of water in order to maintain hydration and balance electrolyte levels.

Additionally, horses have a relatively large respiratory system due to their high metabolic rate, which is also another reason why they drink so much water. Finally, like other animals that rely heavily on water for survival, such as camels and deer, horses have long tongues that are ideal for reaching down to drink from water sources.

3. Elephants

Family of elephants
Family of elephants

Elephants have a unique trunk that allows them to easily reach for food and water sources, and their large size enables them to consume vast quantities of food and water throughout the day. In addition to drinking lots of water, elephants also have a high metabolic rate, which requires them to eat constantly in order to sustain their energy levels.

Elephants evolved to drink a lot of water because their bodies are so large and they need to maintain high levels of hydration in order to function properly.

4. Kangaroos


Kangaroos have special adaptations that allow them to survive in the warm climates of Australia. Their large feet allow them to walk long distances on hot and dry ground, while their exceptionally large ears help to regulate their body temperature by dissipating heat and cooling the animals down.

Additionally, kangaroos have a highly developed sense of smell that enables them to seek out water sources in arid conditions. Kangaroos may not drink often, but when they do drink water they have the ability to drink a lot of water at once.

5. Cows


Cows drink the most water of any land mammal, and they are able to do so thanks to their specialized digestive system. Their four-chamber stomach allows them to extract all of the nutrients they need from plants, while also enabling them to consume large quantities of water. Additionally, cows have a very efficient circulatory system that regulates blood flow throughout the body, helping them stay hydrated even in hot and dry conditions.

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Overall, cows are well-suited to living in environments with limited food and water resources due to their ability to efficiently use what they consume. It should be noted that cows bred as livestock do not have limited resources, at least in the United States, with cows that are being milked drinking upwards of 100 gallons a day.

6. The Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkeys
Proboscis Monkey by Volker Lekies from Pixabay

The proboscis monkey is a water-loving animal that drinks an average of 1.3 to 2.6 gallons of water every day, making it one of the animals that drink a lot of water. This species has a number of adaptations that help it to conserve and access water, including long fur that traps moisture, large nostrils that allow them to breathe easily in hot, humid conditions, and webbed feet that help them walk across wet ground.

This large amount of fluid helps this primate survive in its rainforest habitat, where temperatures can get hot and humid.

7. The Marine Iguana

Marine iguana basking

The marine iguana is one of the animals that drink a lot of water, due to its diet consisting primarily of algae found in the ocean. This large iguana can often be seen floating on open waters or hanging out near shorelines while looking for food.

With its long, tapered body and sharp claws, this animal is perfectly adapted to life in the sea. The iguana drinks water by sucking it up through its large, downward-pointing nose and needs to constantly stay hydrated because it is unable to store water in its body. It is unable to store water in the body because of its salt-excreting glands, which balance the high levels of salt found in the animals’ diet.

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