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5 Frogs That Eat Spiders (Pictures)

Frogs will eat a range of live animals, and their exact diet will vary based on the species of frog and what stage of life they are in. They will jump after prey, and use their long sticky tongues to catch moving animals.

Frogs actually rely on movement in order to hunt, and will not go after still prey.

Collage photo frogs that eat spiders

Do All Frogs Eat Spiders?

Most types of frogs will eat spiders. These amphibians will also feed on a number of other insects, and various types of live prey. The type of spiders that frogs eat will vary depending on the regions and habitats they are found in.

5 Examples of Frogs That Will and Do Eat Spiders

There are 5 types of frogs known for frequently feeding on spiders.

1. African Common Toad

african common toad
African common toad | image by Bernard DUPONT via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
  • Scientific name: Sclerophrys regularis
  • Diet: spiders, crickets, moths

The African common toads are medium-sized frogs that will frequently eat several types of insects. This can include spiders, as well as crickets, roaches, and moths.

They thrive in tropical regions, and despite their fairly small size should still be kept in 20 gallon tanks.

2. White’s Tree frog

White’s treefrog resting
White’s treefrog resting | image by Tom Lee via Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Scientific name: Litoria caerulea
  • Diet: spiders, flies, moths

The White’s tree frog is a fairly large frog species, commonly kept as pets in large tanks. These frogs are native to Australia, and in both the wild and captivity they can feed on spiders. Since they get rather large, they may even eat small rodents like mice. After handling the white’s tree frog, you should make sure to carefully wash your hands.

3. Pacman frog

Pacman frog | image: jeri leandera | Flickr | CC 2.0
  • Scientific name: Ceratophrys
  • Diet: spiders, crickets

The Pacman frogs are another large frog species known to sometimes feed on spiders. In addition to spiders, they will prey on other insects like moths, roaches, and crickets. However, also much larger prey as you can see from the image above of the Pacman frog eating a mouse.

They can be found in Argentina and Brazil, but are also commonly kept as pets. They can cannibalize each other if pets are kept in the same tank.

4. Tomato frog

Tomato frog
macro image of tomato frog | image by Steve Walker via Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Scientific name: Dyscophus
  • Diet: spiders, worms, flies

Tomato frogs get their name for the orangish red color they are typically found in. These frogs are native to Madagascar, and will feed on a range of live insects. This includes spiders, flies, and worms. Like most other types of frogs, they need access to plenty of water.

5. Fire Belly Toad

Fire belly toad
Fire belly toads on a log | image by Richard Adams via Flickr | CC BY 2.0
  • Scientific name: Bombina
  • Diet: spiders, flies, worms

The fire belly toad is a small frog that will eat a range of small spiders. These amphibians will also eat worms, fleas, mosquitoes, and other mice insects. Fire belly toads are common across North America, and have also become a popular pet. They are easy to care for, and great for beginners.

What Types of Spiders Do Frogs Eat?

Frogs are opportunistic eaters. If one comes across a spider that is meal-sized, it’s likely going to eat it regardless of the species. With that in mind, here are some common species of spiders that some frogs enjoy eating.

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1. Common House Spider

Common house spider
Common house spider | image by Christoph Zurnieden via Flickr | CC BY 2.0
  • Scientific name: Achaearanea tepidariorum
  • Appearance: brownish

The common house spider is common across North America, and has become a popular part of the diet for various frog species. Toads and frogs found in the United States will eagerly prey on these small insects.

2. Jumping Spider

jumping spider macro
jumping spider macro
  • Scientific name:  Salticidae
  • Appearance: brown with white markings

Similar to the common house spider, jumping spiders can be found throughout wooded regions and neighborhoods of North America. Frogs found in these same habitats will actively eat these small spiders.

Since they are so small, most types of frogs can feed on these spiders.

Feeding Pet Frogs Spiders

While frogs will frequently prey on spiders they come across in the wild, it is not recommended to feed your pet frog any spiders you catch yourself. They could spread diseases or parasites to your beloved pets. However, you can often buy captive spiders to feed to your frog.

What Else Do Frogs Eat?

In addition to various types of spiders, frogs have a wide-ranging diet that consists of other types of prey. They will eat other insects, like flies, moths, roaches, and crickets. Certain types of frogs can also eat fish, tadpoles, or smaller frogs.

Large frog species have even been known to eat birds or mice.

Frog diets can include;

  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Flies
  • Crickets
  • Fish
  • Roaches
  • Worms
  • Small rodents
  • Birds

What Other Animals Eat Spiders?

Frogs are well known for eating spiders, but there are various other types of animals that will also prey on these insects. These include other amphibians, as well as reptiles and small mammals.

Various types of snakes and lizards will eat spiders, and so will multiple bird species and small rodents. Some large spiders have even been known to eat their own kind.

Animals that commonly prey on spiders include;

How Often Do Frogs Eat Spiders?

Frogs can eat spiders as often as daily, though smaller frogs may not hunt as frequently. Some frogs can go a few days between meals, so they may not eat spiders as often as other types of frogs.


Nearly every type of frog will prey on various types of spiders. The type of spiders they eat will depend on where these frogs are found, and how large they are. While spiders are a small part of the frog diet, these amphibians will eat various types of insects, in addition to fish, worms, tadpoles, and more.