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8 Types of Cats That Look Like Tigers (Pictures)

You might think that there are few domestic cats that look like tigers, but there are more than you might think! In this article we look at 8 examples of cats that you can own as a pet, that have a tiger-like appearance.

Let’s have a look!

8 Cats That Look Like Tigers

Dated 4000 years ago, cats were first domesticated in Ancient Egypt to control pests. Which until now, a forte of charming yet little ferocious cats.

Throughout the years’ cats have been famous in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Prepare to make a double-take when you see these domesticated cats since they appear to belong in the wild.

1. Bengal

Bengal running in grass field
Bengal running in grass field | image by roberto shabs via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Scientific name: Hybrid: Felis catus × Prionailurus bengalensis

In the 1960s, Bengal cats were bred between a wild leopard cat (Asian leopard cat) and some domestic cat breeds (Abyssinian, Ocicat, and the Egyptian Mau). They are medium to large-sized cats with spotted and marble patterns.

Bengal cats have stripes like tigers, they are intelligent, playful, curious, and a friendly cat breed, perfect as a snuggly companion. Bengal cats are also hypoallergenic!

2. Chausie

Scientific name: Felis catus

Serving with a dead-tiger look, this high-energy cat breed could be mistaken for a tiger. Though they don’t have tiger stripes, their eyes, pointed ears, and angled legs give them a tiger-like physique. Chausie is the cousin of a puma, a hybrid of the jungle cat and domesticated cats like Abyssinian and the Oriental.

Chausie is a large breed cat who has a playful and loving personality. They need to have various stimulating activities.

Otherwise, they become restless and can cause chaos around the house. Chausie also loves to play with water, which is a habit that comes from their ancestors.

3. Toyger

Toyger and a pet owner
Toyger and pet owner | image by Nickolas Titkov via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

Scientific name: Felis catus

Another cat breed that resembles a tiger is the cute Toyger. From its name, you know that it is a smaller version of the domesticated tiger.

Toygers are bred to look like tigers by cross-breeding Bengal cats with short-haired tabby stray cats in India. Then, it has a mix of orange, gold and brown coat, while the belly part has a whitish-brown color.

Toyger is a medium-sized cat with a playful, social, and intelligent personality. With their nature, this cat breed requires a lot of physical activity. If you want them as a family pet, you can’t go wrong with them since they are sweet cats.

4. Savannah

Savannah cat resting on wood
Savannah cat resting on wood | image by pushypenguin via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Scientific name: Hybrid: Felis catus × Leptailurus serval

You have probably double-taken since Savannah cats resemble belonging out in the wild. Savannah cats are a hybrid of the African Serval. They also show a glaring physical similarity to tigers, the tallest domesticated record in the Guinness Book of Records.

They have slender, muscular athlete bodies and spotted coats similar to cheetahs. Savannahs are often mistaken for baby cheetahs because of these features. This cat breed is medium to large with an active, intelligent, and devoted personality.

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5. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat on red fabric
Abyssinian cat on red fabric | image by Kunyi Liu via Flickr

Scientific name: Felis catus

The Abyssinian breed is among the oldest cat breeds on Earth. They are lean and muscular with active, intelligent, alert, and affectionate personalities. The Abyssinian coat colors appear in ruddy, red shades, and they don’t usually have the ticked tabby on their body.

What makes them animals like tigers? The Abyssinian screams an aura of a tiger with their poise and piercing gold or green eyes.

Despite being affectionate, the Abyssinian isn’t friendly toward other cats. They are attention-seekers who only want all your attention and affection focused on them.

6. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian mau on the pavement
Egyptian Mau on the pavement | image by liz west via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Scientific name: Felis catus

The Egyptian Mau is a sacred animal in their native land Egypt. Most ancient Egyptian artworks depict Egyptian Mau superiority.

Their physical attributes make them the most stunning and natural among other cat breeds. It also belongs to the oldest cat breed descended from the African Wild cat of Egypt.

The Egyptian Mau is closely linked to tigers, cheetahs, or leopards because their spots come naturally. The Egyptian Mau is a strong-willed and active breed with ash, silver, bronze or smoke-colored coats. They are known for their speed and agility, it seems Egyptian Mau is the exact doppelganger of a tiger.

7. Ocicat

Ocicat in sleeping position
Ocicat in sleeping position | image by William via Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0

Scientific name: Felis catus

For cat lovers, the Ocicat is the closest to tigers, a small wild jungle cat. The Ocicat is a crossbreed between American Shorthair, Siamese, and Abyssinian cats.

They have a social, active, loyal, confident personality. The Ocicat also has a muscular and athletic body and when you keep one, make sure you have plenty of space for it to burn the high energy levels.

The Ocicat’s name came from Ocelot, a small stripped wildcat. It is the only cat breed selectively bred to appear like a wildcat.

The patterns of the Ocicat are tabby and bi-color, appearing in base colors like ebony, lavender, silver, and blue. This cat breed is full of energy, so make sure you have engaged them in various activities.

8. Cheetoh

Cheetoh in couch
Cheetoh in couch | Image by Yolanda Coervers from Pixabay

Scientific name: Felis catus

Though its name sounds like a fancy Cheetah name, this breed resembles a tiger too. A cheetoh is a medium to large breed with a playful, active, and intelligent personality. It’s a crossbreed of Ocicats and Bengals, these breed lineages are from the Asian Leopard cat.

The Cheetoh is very active and loves to play. Though they have cheetah-like markings, tiger-like stripes can also appear on their fur. Cheetoh was first bred in 2001 and established as a loving and happy cat breed.

However, they may appear to be a good companion, but keeping a Cheetoh requires everyday engagement to keep them spreading sunshine in your home.