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5 Signs Your Crested Gecko is Happy

Crested Geckos are a popular pet for first-time reptile owners of all ages. They are relatively low maintenance compared to their close relatives and have a very docile nature. Like most first-time pet owners’ you might be looking for signs your Crested Gecko is happy. Well, the good news is there are multiple ways to know if your Crestie is happy and thriving.

Here are 5 signs to help ease your mind.

5 Signs your Crested Gecko is happy

1. Looks alert

When you handle your Crested Gecko, they should be very alert. Cresties will look around, look up at you. They will take in their entire surroundings, climbing all over you, jumping, of course, at any chance. If they are alert, it is a good chance they are quite content with their home.

Crested Gecko Fact
Unlike other types of geckos, Crested Geckos are unable to re-grow their tails in the event that it falls off. Here are 20 facts about crested geckos.

2. Healthy skin

Your Crested Gecko’s Skin should be healthy-looking.It will feel smooth and soft to the touch. If your Gecko is dehydrated, its skin will have a very wrinkled look to it.

A healthy and happy Crested Gecko will also shed without problems or very few. Look for stuck shed around their toes, tail, places where the circulation could become cut off. Sometimes this happens even under the best circumstances. So it’s no cause to panic, but something to be observant over.

If everything checks out, you can rest assured your little one is thriving!

3. Good eye health

A healthy Crested Gecko’s eyes will be bright and clear. There should be no swelling, discharge, or a noticeable sunken look to their eyes.

Sunken eyes can mean that they may be dehydrated, swelling, or discharge can mean multiple things, number one being an infection. If you notice any of the above, seek out expert help.

If your little one is exhibiting none of the above problems, you can relax, you’re doing a good job, and your crestie is quite content with life.

4. Healthy appetite

A Happy and contented Crested Gecko will have a very healthy appetite and will eat frequently. These little ones have big appetites for such a small package.

It can sometimes be hard to tell how much they are eating. Depending on what you feed your Crested Gecko. If you are supplying a strictly powder diet, you can watch for Crestie poop. Yes, poop. If they are pooping regularly, this is a good sign your Crested Gecko is healthy.

5. It’s comfortable around you

Crested Geckos are not known for their social behavior, so you may think your Gecko doesn’t like you, but that’s not the case. They are just more of a loner/explorer type.

You will be able to tell if your Crested Gecko is comfortable around you by how they interact with you. Your Gecko will look up at you and crawl around on you. They might even jump to you, don’t worry though, if they jump away from you.

This is their normal behavior, and it means they are quite happy and content.

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You can make a game out of their jumping onto something soft like a bed. Providing your Crestie with enrichment. It should also help ease any worries you have about how happy your Crested Gecko is. Because of their constant love and need to jump, it’s worth it to mention, always be careful, so they don’t fall.

An active gecko, is a happy gecko

Can geckos and reptiles really be happy? Do they even have emotions? That’s debatable I suppose, but for the purposes of this article we were looking more for signs that your Crested Gecko is healthy and active.

For all intents and purposes, an active Crested Gecko is a happy Crested Gecko.

They are, however, nocturnal. They won’t move much during the day, if at all. If you have been wondering why your gecko hasn’t done much, you are probably missing all the action! Next chance you get, stay up late and watch how active your Crested Gecko becomes.

image: Pixabay.com

Through the night, A Crested Gecko will be very active. They’ll roam their enclosure, jumping whenever they feel the urge. Crested Geckos are known for their ability and love of jumping. They will also actively hunt throughout the night.

So it’s during this time that you should observe them closely to see their behaviour.

Crested Gecko FAQs

How do I know if my Crested Gecko is happy?

You’ll know your Crested Gecko is happy by the way they move and interact with you and their surroundings. They’ll have a good appetite and will enjoy exploring.

How do I make my Crested Gecko happy?

Daily interactions for short periods will help your Gecko become used to your presence, providing them much-needed enrichment. You will also want to make sure your Gecko is fed, has proper humidity, adequate temps, plenty of space to explore their home. Daily spot cleanings with weekly deep cleanings of their enclosure. All of this will keep your Crested Gecko healthy and happy.

Check out this article for a list of items to have in your Crested Gecko’s tank.

How do Crested Geckos show affection?

Crested Geckos are not capable of affection in the typical sense. As far as lizards go, they are one of the more independent species and are not very social creatures.

You can, however, have a form of a bond. They will recognize your smell. With proper care, patience, and time spent handling your Crestie, they will learn to recognize and accept you. They will choose to interact with you rather than running or jumping away from you.

Do Crested Geckos like to be petted?

Crested Geckos, after frequent handling, will tolerate being petted. However, because they are not social creatures, a Geckos patience with us is not like that of a dog.

Like anything, however, you will have a Crested Gecko who will sit and let you touch and pet them for a prolonged time, but if yours isn’t one of those, don’t feel bad. They have an independent soul. With enough work, even the stubbornest critters will usually come around.

How do you get a gecko to trust you?

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You gain your Crested Geckos trust by handling them frequently. Also, by providing food, they will learn quickly that you mean no harm and even come bearing gifts!

With consistent interaction, your gecko will not be afraid of you and will be content to spend time with you instead of running off, or should I say jumping off? Have I mentioned they love jumping?


Crested Geckos have a wonderful demeanor, making them an excellent pet reptile, and if you can check off all of the above signs your crested gecko is happy, you can rest assured they are healthy and thriving.

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