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Do Coyotes Hunt in Packs?

Coyotes are native to North America and smaller than wolves. They are also in the canine family and are similar to wolves in many ways, but also very different. This makes you wonder if coyotes some of the things that wolves are famous for, like hunting in packs.. so do coyotes hunt in packs?

Unlike their cousin, the wolf, coyotes do not hunt in packs. They do live in family units (packs) like wolves do though.

They will commonly hunt in pairs or alone but rarely in a pack like wolves do. Coyotes are highly intelligent animals and if taking down large prey like a deer requires the help of others in a pack then they will do what is necessary.

Where do coyotes sleep?

Coyotes sleep in dens during pup season, but they don’t typically have a den like wolves do that they always return to, unless there are pups. During pup season, the mother will find a rudimentary den like a hollowed out fallen tree or burrow somewhere, and she may regularly move the pups to keep them safe.

All other times coyotes usually live and sleep above ground.

Are coyotes nocturnal?

Coyotes tend to be more nocturnal (active at night) than diurnal (active in the day), especially when living near humans so that they can avoid contact with us. However they can commonly be seen in the day so I don’t think I would say they are 100% nocturnal.

Do coyotes hunt during the day?

As mentioned above, coyotes are usually out in the evening more than the day.  They are highly opportunistic feeders and will hunt day or night when an opportunity presents itself.

Urban coyotes

Coyote populations are increasing and they are moving more and more into more populated areas, hence the term “urban coyotes”. They can live to be 15 years old in the wild but most don’t make it past 3. The most common cause of death for coyotes in these areas is being hit by an automobile.

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