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10 Animals That Eat Frogs (Interesting Facts)

Frogs and toads may have different names, but toads are still a type of frog. They both also happen to be a tasty snack for several members of the animal kingdom, and that’s what we’re talking about in this article. Some of these animals that eat frogs might not surprise you, but one might be a bit of a shock. This article details ten animals that include frogs in their diet.

Collage photo animals that eat frogs

10 Animals That Eat Frogs

There are more than 6000 frog species in the world. Some, like the Cuban tree toad, are as small as half an inch long and some, like the goliath frog, are as large as 15 inches long. The following animals all eat one type of frog or another as part of their diets.

1. Raccoons


Raccoons are mammals that are native to North America, and they have a characteristic black mask of fur around the eyes. They are clever animals and are opportunistic omnivores, meaning they will eat pretty much anything they can get their little paws on.

Raccoons prefer frog species that live near the water but have also been known to consume tree frogs. This includes tadpoles, which are baby frogs, and adult frogs and toads.

2. Skunks

Skunk chasing its prey
Skunk chasing its prey | Image by Silvia from Pixabay

Skunks are furry mammals known for their black and white stripes and for the noxious gas they spray from underneath their tails when feeling threatened or scared. These omnivores have a vast diet that includes plants, fruit, insects, snakes, and frogs. Skunks enjoy noshing on toads and frogs when they can get their paws on them.

3. Opossums

Opossum on tree branch
A opossum on tree branch | image by ramendan via Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0

Opossums, more commonly called possums, are nocturnal marsupials that are not picky about what they eat. They hunt small animals and scavenge for berries and vegetation. Opossums rely on frogs as one of their primary sources of nutrients.

4. Cranes

whooping crane in the field
Whooping crane in the field | image by River Wanderer via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Cranes are large birds that prefer to live around marshes, bogs, lakes, and rivers. They spend their time wading through the water searching for food. One of the main animals they consume from the water is frogs.

These birds can stand very still in or near the water, waiting for a frog to swim or hop by. Then, they quickly dive down and snag the tasty frog between their beaks and swallow it whole.

5. Owls

long-eared owl by Ivo Houška from Pixabay

Owls require a regular supply of meat to get the nutrients they need to survive. While owls prefer small creatures like mice and rabbits, they will also snack on amphibians like frogs. Since they have to eat often, they are not picky about which animals they eat, so if they see a frog, they will swoop down to grab it.

6. Hawks

Short-tailed hawk
Short-tailed hawk | image by Brandon Trentler via Flickr | CC BY 2.0
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Hawks are birds of prey with sharp talons and beaks built for grabbing prey and tearing flesh. Hawks eat a variety of prey and are opportunistic carnivores, so they eat pretty much anything they can find, including frogs. This is especially true for hawks that live in wetland areas where frogs are abundant.

7. Snakes

snakes on ground
Snakes on ground | Image by Esmoth from Pixabay

Both venomous and non-venomous snakes are known for eating their prey whole. Some snakes, known as boa constrictors, squeeze their prey to death.

Others strike the prey and swallow it whole, sometimes while the prey is still alive. One of the unlucky prey that snakes enjoy is frogs. Snakes that live near wetland areas include frogs as a regular part of their diet.

8. Alligators

Adult Alligator with U- shaped snout and overbite teeth
Adult Alligator with U- shaped snout and overbite teeth | Image by Pfüderi from Pixabay

Alligators are large, carnivorous reptiles that live near the water. They spend much of their time swimming or floating in the water but can also be found sunbathing on the bank.

Since they live in and around the water, amphibians, like frogs, are usually a plentiful food source. Alligators can easily scoop a frog into their powerful jaws and swallow it whole.

9. Turtles

Turtle | Image by Pexels from Pixabay

There are many species of turtles on Earth. Some of them are carnivores, some are herbivores, and most are omnivores. While frogs are not the main source of food for most turtles, if the frog is small enough to fit into the turtle’s jaws, the turtle will make a quick snack out of the frog.

Freshwater turtles, like snapping turtles, and terrestrial turtles, like box turtles, include frogs in their diet more than other turtle species.

10. Other Frogs

Frog | image by Dim Dim via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

Frogs are typically associated with snagging insects with their tongues, but in reality, they will eat pretty much anything they can fit down their throats. Some frog species even participate in cannibalism, meaning they eat other frogs.

Larger frogs have been known to eat tadpoles, including their own, and smaller frogs. This includes frogs that are the same species as the