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12 Best Greens for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are a reptile that have become a popular pet in recent years. Unlike cats and dogs, reptiles have different diets that are heavier on vegetables and insects. One of the best foods to feed your bearded dragon is green vegetables. In this article we are going to look at 12 of the best greens for bearded dragons that you should consider offering your pet.

12 Best Greens For Bearded Dragons

There are numerous greens you can give your bearded dragon for a healthy diet, and these are some of the top twelve greens that you can consider.

1. Kale

Image by Anna Sulencka from Pixabay

Kale has become popular as a superfood, but this green vegetable is not just good for people. This is a great snack to give your bearded dragon, but they should not have Kale everyday. It’s full of good vitamins that are beneficial to these reptiles, but does not have everything they need to be a good daily meal.

2. Cabbage

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

Just like Kale, green cabbage can be great for your bearded dragon. These reptiles can benefit from the iron, potassium, Vitamin C, and fiber found in green cabbage. Cabbage is healthy for bearded dragons, but it does not have everything they need.

3. Collard Greens

collard greens
Image by PurpleOwl from Pixabay

If you are looking for a daily staple for your bearded dragon then collard greens are a great option. These greens are full of healthy vitamins, such as Vitamin C, K, and A.

Collard greens are also rich in fiber, folate, phosphorus, and calcium. These greens are a great food to give your beloved reptile everyday.

4. Rosemary

rosemary plant
Image by Samuele Schirò from Pixabay

Rosemary is an herb that can have plenty of healthy benefits for your bearded dragons. It’s full of fiber and calcium, and can be a great addition to other parts of your reptile’s diet. Since Rosemary doesn’t have everything your bearded dragon needs, it is not recommended as a staple part of their diet.

5. Prickly Pear

prickly pear cactus
Image by Monika from Pixabay

A green straight from the desert that your bearded dragon will enjoy is the prickly pear. To serve this to your pet you will need to carefully remove the thorns along the outside.

Prickly pear is chock full of beneficial ingredients that allow it to be a daily staple for bearded dragons. This green is full of Vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and antioxidants.

6. Basil

basil leaves with water droplets
Image by tookapic from Pixabay

Basil leaves can make a healthy occasional snack for your bearded dragon. This herb is full of Vitamin A and antioxidants. It is a great anti inflammatory that can be just as beneficial for reptiles as it can be for people. Just like Rosemary, it can be a great addition to your bearded dragon’s meal.

7. Alfalfa

clover alfalfa
Image by Ilona Ilyés from Pixabay

Alfalfa can be used as a staple part of your bearded dragon’s daily diet. The sprouts of this plant are not as nutritious but can still be beneficial. Bearded dragons love alfalfa, and will eat it pretty much anytime you put it in front of them. This vegetable is full of important vitamins, like Vitamin C and A, as well as fiber, calcium, and phosphorus.

8. Squash

zucchini squash greens
Image by Monika from Pixabay

Squash can be found in multiple colors and all have green leaves, all kinds of squash are a great meal option for your bearded dragon pet. These can be added to their daily meals, but shouldn’t be the only thing you feed them. All squash is full of fiber, calcium, and Vitamin A.

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9. Turnip Greens

turnip greens
Image by jjcsjoao from Pixabay

Just like squash and many other greens on this list, turnip greens can be fed to your bearded dragon everyday. These greens are tasty for your reptiles, and full of important vitamins. Your bearded dragon can get plenty of Vitamin C and Vitamin A from these vegetables.

10. Celery Leaves

vegetables celery greens
Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

Celery and the leaves attached to this vegetable are one of the best things that you can feed to your bearded dragon. However, it needs to be chopped up into small pieces, or it can present a choking hazard for your pet. Celery can be hydrating for bearded dragons, as well as being full of healthy benefits. This green is full of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

11. Dandelion Greens

dandelion leaves greens
Image by Hans from Pixabay

The greens and leaves found on dandelions can be a good addition to any bearded dragon’s diet. These can be commonly found in yards as weeds, making them one of the easiest and cheapest parts of your reptile’s diet.

The leaves on this weed are full of Vitamin A and Calcium. They are more beneficial to your bearded dragon if mixed in with collard greens, or other vegetables with a lot of calcium.

12. Mustard Greens

mustard green leaves
Image by Agata Sochalska from Pixabay

Mustard greens have been found to be a favorite food for many bearded dragons. They enjoy the tastes of these greens, and the fact that they are full of healthy benefits make them a top food option for these reptiles. Mustard greens are full of Vitamins C, K, and A, in addition to calcium.

Preparing The Greens

When you feed your bearded dragon these healthy greens, you need to make sure to prepare them correctly. These reptiles can choke on food that is not cut up small enough, so each meal you give your pet should be finely sliced.

You should also make sure the vegetables are clean, and not contaminated with any pesticides or other chemicals. It can also be wise to stay near your bearded dragon while they are eating, in case they start to choke.

Other Parts of the Bearded Dragon Diet

In addition to green vegetables, bearded dragons can eat a range of other vegetables, like sweet potato. They can also eat a number of fruits, such as apples, figs, pears, and strawberries. Bearded dragons should ever be fed full stalks of celery, onions, chives, or lemon.


There are plenty of greens that can be used to create the perfect healthy diet for your bearded dragon. Some of these reptiles will steer clear of greens, but they can easily be mixed with other food so your pet doesn’t notice.